DNA & Direction

An overview of who we are and where God is taking us.

OUr Mission

People caring for people as we connect and grow together in Christ

We link arms around our mission as members and leaders of First Light Church. Our mission is woven into everything we do and serves as a compass for the direction God has given our church. Our mission reminds us what we're called to do in each of our activities and workings.


our Values

Biblical Truth, One Family, Extravagant Generosity, 

Whole-Life Worship

If our values are being lived out and expressed, they should be evident in all we do. At First Light Church there are many things we value; however, these four values most clearly define and characterize who we are as a church, and guide us in carrying out our mission together. 

Our Strategy

Gather, Grow, ServeGo

Questions may arise, like,  “Where do I get started?“ or “What’s next for me?“ How should these questions be answered? We provide a clear path to direct members and guests towards pursuing the main things that help us carry out our mission. Our defined strategy provides focus for how First Light’s Faith Family pulls together in the same direction around our common mission. Members are encouraged to be involved and committed to a single area of ministry, or activity, under each of these four strategy areas. We invite you to get involved by Gathering in worship, Growing in a Life Group, Serving in a ministry, and Going with the gospel everyday.


Truster, Investor, Sharer, Server, Becomer

Life marks provide a definition of what a First Light disciple looks like. Life marks give First Light shared language to understand when our mission is being lived out in the lives of individuals in our Faith Family. Our Lifemarks provide a means to move beyond input measures, like church attendance records as a sign of spiritual growth, and, instead, allow us to measure the fruit that is produced through a life that is connecting and growing in relationship with Christ. As time goes on, our ultimate goal is for each mark to be increasingly true in the life of each member of our Faith Family.

our Vision


Families in every community continue to face increasingly difficult challenges. Our world is in need of something that changes this downward spiral and provides life-giving hope. As a Faith Family, we believe the only lasting hope for family and community restoration is the power of Jesus Christ. We will invest the next ten years pursuing and planting restoration works, beyond the walls of First Light Church in the lives of 1,000 new families in at least four communities that need to find faith and family. This is our K4 Vision. 

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